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T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor 12S 17KG Thrust V Type Outrunner For Multirotor Drone Quadcopter

T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor 12S 17KG Thrust V Type Outrunner For Multirotor Drone Quadcopter


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T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONS

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Technical parameters: Value 2

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Motor

Recommend Age: 18+

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: V807

Material: Metal

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Brand Name: T-MOTOR


SHARP TAKEOFF STEADY LANDING KV17O Vseries is the motors designed for VTOL power system . big pull-to-weight ratio, strong overload ability & environment adaptiveness features .

T-motor, V804 motor VTOL composite wing solution recommendation . for coaxial configuration,

Recommendation for T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor: suitable for VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) composite wing solutions. Note that when used in coaxial configurations, there may be a performance loss of approximately 25.9% to consider.

T-motor, maximum thrust 17kg adequate power margin *no need for replacing power setup in 3000 meters

Maximum thrust: 17 kg. Provides an adequate power margin, eliminating the need to replace the power setup at altitudes below 3,000 meters.

T-motor, high-temperature resistant enamelled wire curved magnets, strengthening the passive heat-resistant

This motor features specially designed, high-temperature-resistant enameled wire and curved magnets that enhance its passive heat-resistance capabilities. Additionally, the centrifugal fan structure further reinforces this ability.

T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONST-motor, Imported silicon steel sheet;Anti-rust treatment; Stator 1508 high temperature-re

The T-motor V804 KV170 brushless motor features an imported silicon steel sheet with anti-rust treatment, a high-temperature-resistant stator bearing (6901ZZ), and a magnet level of 1808 degrees. The copper wire used is heat-resistant (Level E) and the coil insulation has undergone a test at 50ov. The centrifugal cooling design ensures effective heat dissipation. The motor weighs approximately 560g (710g including cable), measures 88.5mm x 43.4mm in dimensions, has an internal resistance of 3318 ohms, and uses a 12AWG lead wire with a length of 150mm. The configuration is 24N28P.

T-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONST-motor V804 KV170 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONS

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