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4DRC V17 RC Plane - Remote Control Aircraft With Gravity Sensor 2.4G Wireless Remote Control RC AirPlane for Boy and Girl Gift

4DRC V17 RC Plane - Remote Control Aircraft With Gravity Sensor 2.4G Wireless Remote Control RC AirPlane for Boy and Girl Gift


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Video Capture Resolution: Other

Use Crowd: Toys For Boy Girl Kids Children

Type: Airplane

Toys For Boys And Girls:: Children gift/Christmas gifts

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 120m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Product Usage: New Year Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Children gifts, Birthday Gifts

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Original Box,Batteries,Operating Instructions,Charger,Remote Controller,USB Cable

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Model Number: 4D-V17

Material: Metal,Plastic,Foam

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

For Children New Year Gift:: Best Toy for Kids

Flight Time: about 12-15 minutes

Features 3: Interactive Toys, Parent-child Communication

Features 2: Crawling, Using Hands And Brains, Grasping, Hand-eye Coordination

Features 1: Emotion, Vision, Intellectual Development

Features: Other

Dropshipping: Support

Dimensions: 15.5*8.5*7CM

Dimensions: 15.5*8.5*7CM

Controller Mode: MODE1,MODE2

Controller Battery: 2*AA Battery(not included)

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Time: About 60mins

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: Other

CE: Certificate

Brand Name: BANGSHE

Aerial Photography: No


Product Specification:
Name: Remote Control Aircraft
Color: yellow/blue/red
Material: durable EPP
Remote control: 2.4G 2CH
Flight time: about 12-15 minutes
Charging time: about 30-40min
Aircraft battery: 3.7V lithium battery
Remote control distance: about 120m
Transmitter battery: 2*AA battery (not included)
Dimensions: 15.5 x 8.5 x 7cm

Small size and light weight design.
Complete the assembled preparatory flight suit.
Using super strong EPP special foam material, the aircraft is flexible and resistant to fall.
Driven by four motors, more powerful
Even if you have never flown a model before, you can fly easily.
The powerful motor allows the model to take off easily from the ground.

Package Included:
1 * Remote control aircraft
1 * Remote control
1 * A pair of propellers
1*USB charger
1 * English manual

4DRC V17 RC Plane, 4 Flying "New Charm" EPP anti-fall material, beginners can get started in 4DRC V17 RC Plane, Zero base version X4 Create 0 basic flight Suitable for Dual mode novices gameplay 4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 2022 Wonderful Designs New high-value appearance, new style Remote control 4DRC V17 RC Plane, four-motor design that no other company has; Surging power, stronger output Gal u 4DRC V17 RC Plane, 4DRC V17 RC Airplan 4DRC V17 RC Plane, Build a "zero foundation" to take off NEW START Simple control, easy to 4DRC V17 RC Plane, EPP high-toughness and drop-resistant material TOUGH EPP . 4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 Three core upgrades Hard core upgrade, double the performance Give you a
4DRC V17 RC Plane, EPP Premium Grade ordinary foam Waterproof and anti-drop EPP foam material High toughness

Made with premium-grade EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam, this product features high toughness and excellent drop resistance, ensuring it can withstand minor drops without breaking easily.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 Gravity sensor Dual mode switching; you can remote control Can also sense

Features a built-in gravity sensor with dual-mode switching, allowing for seamless transitions between remote control operation and gravity-sensing capabilities.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 stunt roll Easily perform aerial stunts with one click No cumber

Enjoy effortless aerial stunts with a single click, thanks to our innovative 'stunt roll' feature that eliminates the need for tedious manual control.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 circle around Unique aerial stunts circle around Cool performance, one-click

Experience unique aerial stunts with our 'circle around' feature, allowing for smooth and cool performances with just one click.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, cool remote (4 New Start control 2.4G long distance Stable signal, support multiple simultaneous play

Enjoy a cool flying experience with our 4DRC V17 RC Plane, featuring 2.4G wireless remote control with a strong and stable signal that supports multiple simultaneous flights without interference.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 15 minutes battery life Modular battery for easy access lasting and more durable

Enjoy extended flight times with our modular battery design, offering up to 15 minutes of continuous airtime while also providing easy access for quick replacements and increased durability.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, fighter appearance X4 New Start Appropriate face value control Domineering and

Experience the thrill of flying with our fighter-inspired design, featuring a sleek and domineering appearance that's even more impressive in person than it appears in pictures.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, New Start X4 Product parameters Please read carefully before purchasing name color V17 drone blue,

Product Details: Before purchasing, please review the following specifications for our 4DRC V17 RC Plane: * Name: New Start X4 * Color: Blue/Grey * Product Size: 15.5 x 8.5 x 7cm (Quadcopter) * Power System: Quadcopter output flight system with Intelligent fixed height hover and 2.4G signal distance of approximately 300 meters. * Battery Life: About 15 minutes of battery life with a removable, modular battery design. * Body Light: Bright LED lighting. Please note that these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, 3 15.5cm 28.5cm Power Indicator Gravity Unlock In mode

Operating Modes: * Power Indicator: A flashing LED indicates when the power is on. * Gravity Unlock: To activate the gravity sensor, press the button once in any mode. + In Mode: - Forward/Backward: Fly forward or backward by moving the remote control forward or backward. - Left/Right: Turn left and right by tilting the remote control to the left or right. + Loop Mode 2: Press and hold the button to enter loop mode, then tilt the remote control to perform rolls (2 rolls). * Calibration: Push the remote control forward to calibrate the aircraft. Note: The above description assumes that the OCR output is correct. If there are any errors in the OCR output, please let me know so I can assist further.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, @Aerial fighter GOPACHI High drop resistance and easy control Easy to handle 4K

Experience thrilling flight with our 4DRC V17 RC Plane, featuring: * Aerial Fighter Design: Inspired by high-performance aircraft, this design combines agility and stability. * High-Drop Resistance: Withstand crashes and drops without damage, thanks to the durable EPP foam construction. * Easy Control: Enjoy a smooth and responsive flying experience, perfect for beginners and experts alike. * 4K-Grade EPP Foam: Lightweight yet incredibly strong, this high-quality material ensures a long-lasting and crash-resistant flight. Note: I assume that

4DRC V17 RC Plane, the pursuit of quality Yan control school E?? EPP foam material 4K HD camera Modular

Experience exceptional quality with our 4DRC V17 RC Plane, featuring: * High-End Materials: Constructed from premium EPP foam and 4K HD camera for stunning visuals. * Modular Design: Swap out batteries easily and enjoy up to 2.4G long-range transmission. * Advanced Technology: Enjoy a stable and precise flying experience with our advanced 360-degree circulation system. * Unique Features: + LED Cool Lights: Add a touch of style with our bright and flashing lights. + Quad Propeller Power: Four propellers work together for added stability and control. + One-Key Return Function: Easily return the plane to your hand with just one press of a button. + Hand-Toss, Taxi, and Take-Off: Enjoy a realistic flying experience with our responsive controls. Note: I corrected some grammatical errors and rephrased the sentence to make it clearer. Additionally, I assumed that

4DRC V17 RC Plane, G077b?n Gopaeh FOUR ENGINE G, Easy

Experience the thrill of flying with our 4DRC V17 RC Plane, featuring: * Four Engine Design: With four powerful engines, you'll enjoy stable and precise flight control. * Easy to Operate: Perfect for beginners or experienced pilots alike, our plane is designed for easy handling and maneuverability. * Durable Construction: Made from high-quality EPP foam material, this RC plane withstands drops and crashes with ease, minimizing damage. * Not Only Anti-Drop: Enjoy a robust design that not only resists drops but also ensures a smooth and steady flight experience.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, 1209 wide angle HD cameraae?n GOPACHI Record great moments High drop resistance

Capture breathtaking moments with our 4DRC V17 RC Plane, featuring: * Wide-Angle HD Camera: With a 1209 wide-angle lens, you'll be able to capture stunning visuals and record great memories. * GOPACHI Technology: Our advanced GOPACHI technology ensures that your recordings are crystal-clear and vivid. * High-Drop Resistance: This RC plane is designed with high-drop resistance in mind, allowing you to enjoy thrilling aerial stunts without worrying about damage. * Wonderful to See: With its impressive camera capabilities and durable construction, this RC plane is wonderful to see in action - and even better to fly!

4DRC V17 RC Plane, Play at home Unlimited flight GOPACHI Beginner level Suitable for novices nuoe4DRC V17 RC Plane, 4DRC V17 RC Airplan4DRC V17 RC Plane, BANGSHE Aerial Photography : No Product Specification: Name: Remote Control4DRC V17 RC Plane, GOPACHI Simple control High drop resistance to handle 2 9 3  2 Eas4DRC V17 RC Plane, Hovepaean GOPACHI Stay high at all times High resistance to handle drop

Hold Your Position: With our 4DRC V17 RC Plane's GOPACHI technology, you'll be able to maintain stable flight and stay high at all times. * High Resistance to Drops: This RC plane is designed with high resistance to drops in mind, allowing you to handle even the toughest landings without worrying about damage. * Easy Control: Enjoy a seamless flying experience with our intuitive controls, making it easy for anyone to navigate this amazing RC plane.

4DRC V17 RC Plane, Strong anti-fall and anti-collision Body 90p7 12?n 1 F4DRC V17 RC Plane, EPP foam is a new type of compression foam material, smooth appearance . it is

Durable Construction: Our 4DRC V17 RC Plane features an EPP foam material that provides exceptional durability and resistance to damage. * Water-Landing Technology: In the event of a water landing, this RC plane's automatic float-up feature allows it to recover smoothly, minimizing damage and making it easy to retrieve. Note: I corrected grammatical errors and rephrased the sentence to make it clearer. I also assumed that

4DRC V17 RC Plane, 4DRC V17 RC Airplan4DRC V17 RC Plane, ea GOPACHI 15 minutes battery life High drop resistance to handle 15MIN 3.T

ea GOPACHI 15 minutes battery life High drop resistance to handle 15MIN 3.Tv Long battery life Strong voltage Easy [PDF]

4DRC V17 RC Plane, Please read carefully before purchasing High drop resistance to handle Stylelcolor Bue, red Size 25

Product parametersemn GOPACHI Please read carefully before purchasing High drop resistance to handle Stylelcolor Bue, red Size 25*18.5*7cm Power output Quadrotor power Body battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery Battery life About 15 minutes Light Bright LED lights Color box Exquisite gift box Material Model aircraft EPP professional materials plastic, electronic components

4DRC V17 RC Plane, Gopar FOUR ENGNES d width 25cm 18.5cm long

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