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V4 Drone 4K Hd Groothoek Camera 1080P Wifi Fpv Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter

V4 Drone 4K Hd Groothoek Camera 1080P Wifi Fpv Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter


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V4 Drone Features

-With a folding arm, it is small and easy to carry. -Has a high hold mode function to ensure stable flight.
- With wifi function,you can connect to APP, APK system to take photos, video, and transfer images in real time via mobile phone camera. -With track flight mode. You can route u.
-Take pictures with gestures. Mv music editing functions.
-There are 3 cameras to choose from.Equipped with a 720P / 1080P / 4K wide angle camera for a wide variety of high definition photos and videos. -No head mode, no need to adjust the aircraft position before flight.
-With a button return function, you can easily find your way home.
-Anti-interference uses 2.4GHz technology.
-4 channels that can be raised, lowered, forwarded, retracted, left-handed, right-handed 360 ° rolled.
-Six-axis gyroscope for more stable flight and easy operation.
-The four-rotor body is made of high-strength and engineering-resistant plastic, lightweight and durable.


V4 Drone Parameters

V4 Rc Drone 4K Hd Groothoek Camera 1080P Wifi Fpv Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter Real-Time transmissie Helicopter Speelgoed drones
Remote control distance
Product size (cm)
27.5 * 25 * 5cm (arm is not folded)   12 * 7.7 * 5.5cm (folded with arms)
Body battery
3.7V 1600mAh lithium battery (included)
Remote control battery
3x1.5 AA battery (not included)
Charging time
Flight time
16-20 minutes
charging method 
Universal USB interface
Camera mode
Speed shift
Maximum travel speed
Maximum ascent speed
Handbag / storage bag


V4 Drone Details

V4 Drone, fly by drawing the flight path you want on the screen the walker

Fly with ease using the V4 Drone's intuitive mode, where you can draw your desired flight path on the screen and the drone will follow it seamlessly, no manual control or action required.


Equipped with a dual-camera setup featuring a 4K-pixel HD camera, our V4 Drone allows for a more realistic aerial view, eliminating the need for precise hovering control.

V4 Drone, the 20-minute long-range flight body battery with user-friendly

The V4 Drone features a rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 minutes of long-range flight time. The user-friendly design and easy installation make it simple to set up, while the advanced power-saving technology ensures efficient energy usage. Additionally, the flight system offers quick operation with just one click.

V4 Drone, shadow hd record 3 foldable drone inherited exquisite technology and

Behold the V4 Drone, a cutting-edge quadcopter featuring advanced technology and innovative design. With its new generation intelligent stable flight system, 4K HD camera, and exceptional performance, this drone is designed for those who demand only the best.

V4 Drone, drones can automatically maintain a smooth flight no need to control the

With advanced autopilot technology, the drone can maintain a stable and smooth flight without requiring manual throttle adjustments. Additionally, the dual camera system allows for automatic image stabilization and real-time video feed, making it easy to capture clear photos and videos while handling the drone with ease.

V4 Drone, open a new perspective to the outdoor custom edition smart follow .

Unleash a fresh perspective with our outdoor custom edition smart follow feature. With the lens focused on your subject, activate the auto-follow function and watch as the drone automatically tracks you in real-time.

V4 Drone, most sports scenes, can hold steadyl mobile app manipulation by downloading the

Most sports enthusiasts can enjoy stable and smooth video playback, even when manipulating the drone remotely through our official mobile app. Once downloaded, you can connect your drone via Wi-Fi and watch stunning 4K footage or photos taken in real-time on the Google Play App.

V4 Drone, hd image viewing advanced signal transmission technology . transmission distance and

HD image transmission allows for extended distances in both transmission and remote control, without any delay. The viewing experience is significantly enhanced as a result.

V4 Drone, xl remote control guide speed control 360-degree roll throttle stick

Remote Control Guide: Speed Control, 360-Degree Roll, Throttle Stick with Direction Bar Switch; Includes Headless Mode and Return Tuning Function for Smooth Navigation.

V4 Drone, smart, easy control anyone can fly smart gestures to take photos advanced

Enjoy easy and intuitive flight with our drone, featuring smart gesture controls that allow anyone to capture stunning photos or videos. Advanced intelligent identification technology enables advanced features like automated photo taking 3 seconds after recognizing your gestures or video recording.

V4 Drone, product parameters product name 4k hd folding drone color of the

This V4 Drone features a 4K HD camera, has a black color, and measures 12cm x 7cm x 5cm when folded. The flight system utilizes light flow visual positioning. Camera parameters include dual cameras for increased versatility. Battery life lasts approximately 20 minutes, powered by modular lithium batteries in the body. The remote control operates on a 2.4GHz signal.

V4 Drone, the app's built-in auto-beauty function automatically adjusts the

Enjoy high-quality photography with our V4 drone, featuring a dual camera setup that allows for stunning 4K HD footage. The included app offers advanced features like auto-beauty shooting, which automatically adjusts sensitivity and brightness to produce breathtaking results, unlike anything you've seen before.

V4 Drone, easy to fold "performance monster" use every inch of each side:

The 'performance monster' features a unique, modern design with a novel body structure that is both smaller and lighter. Its folding mechanism allows for easy carrying, while its smooth and delicate lines make it a refreshing addition to any collection.

V4 Drone, overall noise reduction; equivalent to approximately 45% reduction in corresponding noise

Features a remarkable noise reduction technology, achieving a significant 45% decrease in noise power. Additionally, it boasts enhanced operating efficiency, allowing for extended continuous flight times of up to 20 minutes.

V4 Drone, product features features 4k hd shooting light stream one-click

Features include 4K HD shooting, seamless one-click take-off and return, visual hover, smart follow, and high-definition image transmission via mobile app for online monitoring. Gravity sensing technology allows for precise trajectory control.

V4 Drone, app's gravity sensing function achieves heavy force-sen

The app's advanced gravity sensing technology enables responsive and stable flight control, allowing for a thrilling deep dive experience. Additionally, the drone features a robust and durable protective frame that effectively prevents damage from crashes or collisions, ensuring your investment remains safe.

Details Images
Package Included: 1 x V4 RC quadcopter 1 x transmitter 1x 3.7V 1600mAh lithium battery 1 x USB charging cable 4 protective covers 4 spare blades 1 screwdriver 1 x manual
V4 Drone, -six-axis gyroscope for
V4 Drone, -anti-interference uses 2.4ghz technology
V4 Drone, four-rotor body is made of high-strength
V4 Drone, lektpum hrnion a up

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V4 Drone, -has a high hold mode function to ensure stable flight
V4 Drone, -4 channels that can be raised, lowered, forwarded,




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V4 Drone 4K Hd Groothoek Camera 1080P Wifi Fpv Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter

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I order a normal drone for the second time. The first one flew away.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much!

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V4 Drone 4K Hd Groothoek Camera 1080P Wifi Fpv Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter