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Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane - 2.4G Remote Control Fixed Wing A200 RC Airctaft Landing Glider Planes Model Foam Toys For Boys

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane - 2.4G Remote Control Fixed Wing A200 RC Airctaft Landing Glider Planes Model Foam Toys For Boys


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Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane SPECIFICATIONS

Video Capture Resolution: Other

Type: Airplane remote control

Type: Airplane

State of Assembly: Almost Ready

Remote Distance: About 150m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y,14+y

Power Source: Electric

Package Includes: Original Box,Batteries,Operating Instructions,Remote Controller,USB Cable

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Name: fixed wing drone

Model Number: A290 A200

Material: Metal,Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Outdoor

Flight Time: About 10mins

Features: Other

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 400mAh

Control Channels: 3 Channels

Charging Voltage: 5V

Charging Time: 50mins

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: JIKEFUN

Aerial Photography: No

Model: the A200 F - 16 b
Applicable age: above 14 years old
Project :RC aircraft
Appearance material :EPP
Gyroscope: six axes
Motor: coreless motor (brush)
Configuration frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote control distance :150 meters (no interference, no shielding)
Charging time: about 1 hour
Flight time: about 15 minutes
Remote control battery :4 AA batteries (not included)
Aircraft rechargeable battery :3.7V 300mAh lithium battery (inclusive)
Aircraft size: wingspan :29 cm/length :38 cm
Aircraft Weight :46 g
Assembling size :39 * 29 * 19 cm

Packing List:
1* RC airplane
1* Battery
1* Remote controller
1* Wireless charging
1* Screwdriver
2* Spare propeller

-Cool: Based on the F-16's design, it looks cool.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, Az90 F16 FIGHTER 3 CHANNEL 2.4GHZ RADIO

Az90 F16 FIGHTER 3 CHANNEL 2.4GHZ RADIO CONTROL AIRPLANES THREE GHANNEL IMAGE MACHINE 80 00 Scuvww Hicnendollty Dircrait voscord uno Dis Ontoscddd 020 coroloss


Featuring parallel flight mode, altitude control, and automatic stabilization for smooth flying, as well as advanced 3D aerobatic capabilities.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, the reaction is sensitive, can easily make all kinds of special effects greatly increases the flight stability and

Featuring precise 3-axis stabilization, this RC airplane ensures accurate control over its flight attitude. The sensitive reaction system also allows for effortless creation of various special effects, significantly enhancing overall flight stability.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, WIND DIAECTION TNPONg EARCR METHOD Throw The Take

To achieve smooth takeoff, throw the airplane gently at an angle of about 5 degrees. To land safely, use a gentle throwing motion and aim for a grassy or relatively flat surface. Make any necessary adjustments to the aircraft's attitude in mid-air.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, light fuselage makes the machine weigh about 76g, reduce flight resistance, improve flight power

The lightweight fuselage design helps to reduce the aircraft's weight to approximately 76 grams, resulting in less flight resistance and increased power. Additionally, the plane's stable flight performance makes it an ideal choice for beginners looking to practice.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, coreless motor is composed of main body of the motor the driver . when running; the

The coreless motor features a main body that houses the driver, resulting in significantly reduced friction during operation. This leads to a smoother and quieter performance.

-Six-axis gyroscope. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilizing system, more stable route locking
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 6G Axis 30' Lictnl alluan centrol E]

The 2.4G frequency axis features a 30-foot longitudinal alluvial central control, allowing for precise WAO (Wireless Audio Output) operation in 6-axis mode, making it simple to use even for beginners, with the aircraft maintaining a smooth flight attitude.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 40Omah Iithium battery, high energy; long service life, I

Powered by a 4-Ohm lithium battery with high energy and long service life, this product operates within a suitable temperature range and is environmentally friendly. It does not contain any lead, mercury, cadmium or other toxic heavy metal elements or substances.

-Easy to control: 2.4GHz, no interference. Dual channel design, easier control, just practice a few times, and you're ready to go.

This remote control airplane features a 2.4GHz frequency, which offers several advantages: even when multiple aircraft are present in the same airspace, this frequency won't be affected by interference from other frequencies.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, Lithium Polymer USB CHARGER - 30-60 minutes_
-Light and stable: made of EPP material, light weight, high elasticity, not easy to break. Adopt efficient pneumatic shape design, ensure good stability, maneuverability and sliding performance, brush motor. Very powerful when running. There are fewer breakdowns and fewer need to change engines, which makes your flight more enjoyable.
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, F16 FIGHTER EPP material is new type of environmental protection pressure cushioning heat insulation

The F16 Fighter features an innovative EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) material, which provides excellent environmental protection, pressure cushioning, heat insulation, and shock resistance. Weighing only 76 grams, this lightweight yet durable material is ideal for building model aircraft.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 3CH 3D6G SYSTEM AIRPLANE (A290) PRODU

The Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane features a product size with a wingspan of 32 centimeters (320mm) and a length of 45.2 centimeters. The estimated use time is approximately one hour.


X AK '35406 AZSO-FIS FIGHTER 24GHZ JCH RADIO CONIROL AIRPLANES 14 + AGES 86 oe 19802 L uncjo ono 4380131858, 30n0 Is Pcllect, 302766 switchable 7au AT0


Product category:RC airplane
Material: EPP+ engineering plastics
Product size: wingspan 290mm length 380mm
Flight time: about 12 minutes
Charging time: about 50 minutes
Remote control mode: 2.4G two channels
Remote control distance: More than 150 meters
Drive motor: Coreless motor 0716 *2
Body battery: LI-POLY 3.7V (300MAH) 20C
Charger details: dedicated USB charging head 5V 600mah, the light is off when charging, the red light is on when it is full

1, USB special charger.
2, The aircraft is fully assembled, the water transfer stickers are all completed, and it is ready to fly.
3, Simple operation, beginners can easily master.

Packing list:
1 x RC airplane
1 x Remote controller
1 x Wireless charging
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Spare propeller
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 6G Azoo Two-channel 2 Fixed-wing Aircraft 2 CHANNEL

This remote-controlled, fixed-wing airplane features a 2.4GHz radio control system with two channels, simulating a F-16 fighter jet's performance. Equipped with a gyroscopic six-axis stabilization system and coreless motor, this aerodynamic model provides an immersive flying experience.

-Scaled down according to F-16B, two-channel design, easy to learn, the aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, and the throttle controls the aircraft to climb and descend.Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, the aileron channel controls the aircrafts lett and right turn . the

The aileron control allows for smooth left and right turns, while the throttle adjusts the aircraft's altitude, enabling it to ascend, descend, or maintain a steady height.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, the throttle rocker is pushed fonward, the propeller rotates at high

When the throttle rocker is pushed forward, the propeller spins at high speed, and the nose of the aircraft begins its takeoff run using the thrust vectoring method. The control joystick then allows you to control the flight altitude and direction of the aircraft.

-Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system, the route locking is more stable.
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, built-in six-axis gvroscope flight auto_stable system; easy

Equipped with a built-in six-axis gyroscope and autonomous flight stabilization system, making it easy for beginners to master, this F-16 model airplane.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 2.4Ghz Remote Contorl Power switch Power LED Throttle joystick

This remote-controlled airplane features a 2.4GHz frequency, power switch, power LED indicator, throttle control, and joystick for precise left/right flight movements. Additionally, it has a remote control distance of up to 150 feet.

-Push back the double-engine power, and the forward and reverse propellers counteract the anti-torque force.
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, back push double power The positive and negative propellers cancel each other out of the anti-

The Wltoys A290 F16 features a unique design where the double-sided propellers eliminate torque, providing a more stable flight path and ensuring a smoother route.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, 300mAh 20C 3.7V LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY 3.

The product features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 300mAh at 20C discharge rate, providing high energy and a long service life. This eco-friendly battery does not contain any toxic or harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and other substances.

-EPP material, very resistant to impact, the flight weight is about 46g.
Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, EPP material has the toughness, the corrosion resistance can be painted, the appearance is smooth

The EPP material boasts exceptional toughness, corrosion resistance, and a smooth appearance that can be painted. Additionally, it exhibits high impact resistance, making it an ideal choice for crafting lightweight and streamlined model aircraft, such as the F-16B United States Air Force One.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, when the friction is greatly reduced, the operation is smooth and the noise is small running .

When air resistance is significantly minimized, the plane's movement becomes smooth and quiet.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, two-channel fixed-wing aircraft PRODUCT SIZE Wingspan 290mm Le

Product Information: Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane - 2.4G Remote Control Fixed Wing Aircraft. Key Features: Wingspan 29cm, Length 38cm; Use Time Approximately 5-10 minutes per charge; Charging Time approximately 50 minutes; Remote Control Distance up to 2150 meters; Driving Motor: Coreless Motor with two propellers; Battery Details: LI-Poly 3.7V (3000mAh), 20C capacity.

Wltoys A290 F16 3CH RC Airplane, A200 is a RC airplane with a wingspan of 290mm .


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