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Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone - New Agricultural Spray 10L Detachable Design Agriculture Drone Motor Sprayer

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone - New Agricultural Spray 10L Detachable Design Agriculture Drone Motor Sprayer


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Yuanmu GF-10 Agriculture Drone Overview

Essential details
Sprayer Type:
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Applicable Industries:
Showroom Location:
Turkey, United States, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
146 cm
plug-in structure design
1 Year
Key Selling Points:
High Productivity
Marketing Type:
New Product 2022
Machinery Test Report:
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
9.5 KG
Take-off Weight:
Flying Time:
Flying Radius:
Flying Height:
Flying Speed:
Work Temperature:
Spray Flow:
Spray Efficiency:
Wind Resistance:
Flight Control:
K++ V2

Yuanmu GF-10 Agriculture Drone Paramenters

Machine Size
Spread Size 1795*1795*570mm,Folded Size 720*720*570mm
Carbon Fibre + Aviation Aluminum
Waterproof level
Remote Controller
14S High Voltage Grepow 10500mAh Battery 60.9V
Adapter + Charger
Dual-Channel Charger 3000W
Maintenance/Repair Tools


Yuanmu GF-10 Agriculture Drone Description

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, they can meet many customers product demand at the same time
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, Intelligent Flight Years Professional Easy to Transport Control System ReD Department It Detachable Design Water

The Yuanmu GF-10 agricultural drone features an intelligent flight system, professional-level ease of transport, and a control system. Its detachable design provides waterproof protection (IP56), obstacle avoidance capabilities, and a tank battery for efficient spraying.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, the GF-10 agricultural drone is a geoy mature multi-rotor drone .

The Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone is a high-performance, multi-rotor agricultural sprayer. Its improper use in contravention of regulations can lead to potential losses and injuries.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, PRODUCT DETAILS 10L pesticide tank Power indicator light Drone body-

Product details: The Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone features a 10L pesticide tank, power indicator light, drone body made of motor and propeller components, foldable arms, FPV camera, pressure relief nozzle, RTK antenna, calibrated brushless pump, smart battery, obstacle avoidance radar, terrain following radar, and a composite carbon fiber frame measuring 37.65 inches (3.7 feet) in length and 4.72 inches (12 cm) in width.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, GF-10 adopts plug-in structure design, removable tank; remov-

The Yuanmu GF-10 features a plug-in structure design with removable tank and battery, enhancing operational efficiency in the field. The high-pressure atomizing nozzles ensure that pesticides are evenly distributed on crop leaves and rhizomes, resulting in a more notable operation effect.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, the app is designed for agri-cultural plant protection . it can provide any poly

The Yuanmu GF-10 agriculture drone is designed for agricultural plant protection, allowing users to plan routes with flexibility on non-standard terrains.


Equipped with accurate GPS signals, this drone ensures safe flight during operation by combining precise GPS positioning with redundant Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors, utilizing advanced algorithms for optimal performance.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, WATERPROOF IP56 PROTECTION Protect the internal parts of the drone from damage

Waterproof IP56 protection ensures that the drone's internal components are safeguarded against damage, preventing water or other liquids from entering the device during spraying or cleaning processes.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, SMART BATTERY Different modes can be chosen, also have the maintenance mode for

Smart Battery: This drone features multiple operating modes, including a maintenance mode that allows you to charge your batteries efficiently and extend their lifespan. Additionally, it can accommodate up to four batteries at once, making it ideal for extended field use.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, FPV HD CAMERA opetadoad with the FP

Equipped with an FPV high-definition (HD) camera, this drone allows for real-time monitoring and observation, ensuring safe landing and takeoff operations.

Factory Show
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, we use the high grade raw material to make sure our product has good quality and good performance
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, 894444m Ui(rni)izired Yuanmu (
Shenzhen Yuanmu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that independently develops and produces agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles, agricultural unmanned vehicles and other agricultural intelligent equipment. All products are independently developed and produced.

At present, Yuanmu has more than 90 people, including more than 30 engineers in R&D department, and over 40 people in marketing, sales, and 24-hour after-sales service departments. At the same time, Yuanmu has its own professional production flow with a monthly production capacity of more than 300 units. They can meet many customers product demand at the same time.

At present, Yuanmu's product mainly consist of 4 partsFirst: different type of agriculture drone with different payload 10 liter, 20 liters, 30 liters, 40 liters, 50 liters. Include spraying drone,seeding drone, insecticide drone and hybrid UAVsSecond: Unmanned vehicles, to solve the tasks that UAVs cannot complete in the agricultural field, and have significant effects on the prevention and control of fruit forests.Third: Independently developed core accessories, including flight control, RTK, APP, cloud platform, etc.Fourth: The flight training academy which train the professional people in UAV industry. We use the high grade raw material to make sure our product has good quality and good performance. Our mission is to make the drones that farmers desire, Let more farmers to work efficiently and bring higher returns to agriculture.
Yuanmu: Strive for the smart Agricultural more than 100 years.
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, JuR4uREa Iradt OEM & ODM are warmly welcome at

Original Designs (OEM) and Original Manufacturing (ODM) partners are always welcome to collaborate with us anytime, offering competitive factory prices and exceptional product quality.

Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, Xaathi# IWB# hIK 3062100tn
Why Choose Us
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, more than 100 patents on Products with CE, ROHS,FCC, With 3 own

With over 100 patents on our products, we hold certifications from CE, ROHS, and FCC. Our company has three research centers specializing in design and technology: one factory located in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Yun nan, all of which are ISO9000 certified. Additionally, our monthly production capacity is approximately 200 units, and we have a professional after-sales team dedicated to supporting our customers.

Payment & Shipping
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, PayPal MoneyGram wireter ESCROW IDS 778L 62rns
Yuanmu GF-10 10L Agriculture Drone, each drone is 100% flight tested and strict quality control . besides, we are looking for

Each drone undergoes rigorous flight testing to ensure 100% quality assurance. Additionally, we are seeking distributors and agents worldwide. We accept various payment methods, including T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), credit card, PayPal, and Western Union.