Collection: CUAV X7+ Pro Autopilot


STM32H743 processor

Aerospace grade ADI16470

accelerometer & gyroscope

RM3100 Industrial grade compass


X7+ autopilot uses STM32H743 series processors CPU, Cortex-M7 core (with double precision Floating-Point Unit). It makes operating frequency increase to 480Mhz, 2MB Flash,1MB RAM,Meet the higher computing needs of flight controllers Compared with the STM32F7 product line, the dynamic power consumption efficiency is doubled.

The sensor is one of the important indicators to evaluate the flight controller. This time, we have added the ICM-42688-P sensor. Compared with the traditional consumer IMU, the noise figure of ICM-42688-P is reduced by 40%, and the temperature stability is improved 2 times, so as to ensure the highest accuracy measurement in the case of temperature changes.

Built-in three sets of accelerometers and gyroscopes, the flight controller monitors the data of multiple sensors in real time, and executes redundant switching immediately in case of failure to improve flight safety and stability.

The built-in high-precision sensor temperature compensation system makes the sensor work at a constant temperature, ensuring that the sensor can operate stably with high precision and sensitivity in high and low temperature environments.

The X7+ flight controller integrates the main MCU and IMU into the CORE module and can be sold separately. Users can design the baseboard according to the UAV structure to meet the individual needs of users, or purchase our CAN PDB baseboard for use. The X7+ CORE interface is compatible with X7, X7 Pro, and V5+ flight controller CORE.

Standard package include UAVCAN protocol digital power detection module, using CUAV independent R&D ITT algorithm, accurate measurement of UAV real-time voltage and current, making flight time estimation more reliable.

Support LTE Link series 4G telemetry,so that your flight video and data can be transmitted without distance limitation, and support video sharing.

CUAV’s RTK&PPK series products can be purchased to achieve centimeter-level positioning, which can be used in scenes that require high-precision positioning. Such as plant, Agriculture, surveying and mapping, etc.

Note:X7+ Pro flight controller is compatible with ArduPilot 4.10/ PX4 1.12.3 and above or higher firmware.