Collection: EFT EP Series

The EFT E Series Hexacopter is a lineup of advanced agriculture drones that have been designed with a focus on functionality, durability, and ease of transport. These drones come in different models, including the E610P, E616P, and E620P, each catering to varying load capacities and operational specifications. Below, we'll dive into the key features and specifications that make these drones stand out in agricultural applications.

EFT EP Series Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

EFT EP Series Drone Key Features

  1. Classic Folding Body: This design aspect ensures that the drone is easy to transport and set up, a critical feature for agricultural use where the terrain and locations can vary widely.

  2. One Body, Strong and Durable: By using a one-piece molding process, the drone's body is made from high-strength, impact-resistant materials. This not only simplifies the design by reducing the number of parts but also ensures the drone can withstand falls and impacts.

  3. Fully Waterproof Body: An integrated waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and ensures that the drone can operate in various weather conditions without damage to the components.

  4. New Folding Parts: With a focus on stability and durability, the new folding parts feature a one-piece injection molding design. The C-shaped arm fixing clip is a noteworthy innovation, designed to prevent common issues like arm swinging and sagging.

  5. Integrated Power Supply Wiring: This feature simplifies the drone's electrical system, reducing interference by separating the power supply from signal wiring.

  6. Classic Tank: The adoption of a 10-16L tank offers a stable and widely used solution for carrying liquids, making these drones ideal for distributing pesticides or fertilizers.

  7. Reinforced Power Plug: This design ensures safer and more stable connections, facilitating easy battery replacements without hindrance from the plug.

  8. Detachable Camera Mount: Flexibility is key in agricultural applications, and this feature allows for easy customization based on surveillance or monitoring needs.

EFT EP Series Product Specifications

  • EFT E610P

    • Motor: X6Plus
    • Propeller: 24inch
    • ESC: 80A FOC
    • Supply Voltage: 12S
    • Wheelbase: 1407mm
    • Tank Capacity: 10L
    • Frame Weight: 5.92kg
  • EFT E616P

    • Motor: X8
    • Propeller: 30inch
    • ESC: 80A FOC
    • Supply Voltage: 12S
    • Wheelbase: 1644mm
    • Tank Capacity: 16L
    • Frame Weight: 6.41kg
  • EFT E620P

    • Motor: X9
    • Propeller: 34inch
    • ESC: 80A FOC
    • Supply Voltage: 14S
    • Wheelbase: 1854mm
    • Tank Capacity: 20L
    • Frame Weight: 6.79kg

Optional Accessories

  • Extended Rod Nozzles
  • Brushless Water Pump
  • Brushed Water Pump
  • RTK/Antenna Adapter

The EFT E Series Hexacopters are engineered for robustness, versatility, and high performance in agricultural settings. Their design considerations, from the folding body for easy transport to the integrated power and waterproofing, highlight a thoughtful approach to the needs of modern agriculture. These drones are equipped to handle a variety of tasks, including aerial spraying, monitoring, and mapping, providing farmers with a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and productivity.